What they say

I wish I had kept a record of what people in the past before publication have told me after they read the copy of the journal.  I usually asked them, “What was your favorite chapter and why?”

It was so amazing to me to hear the different ways that God touched the readers.  They all thought I should publish but I thought they were being kind and just paying me a compliment.  However, after sharing the audio story and the copy of the journal over the last quarter century, it was the most recent readers, especially, Verdie Agee-Gilman, that really encouraged me to get it published.

So, as others feel comfortable telling me their comments, I will be sharing them here for others to share in what the Lord is doing through “The Apple Tree Wish”.


“Just wanted to drop a quick note and let you know I read the first part of your book last night. I had thought I would just read a couple of pages, but literally could not put it down!  It is true amazing grace you showed both your mother and father in your adult years after the childhood you had; many people could not have done it.  Your background inspired you to become a modern, successful woman in the era before there were many modern, successful women, under circumstances where you probably didn’t think there was inspiration. Yes, He was with you through your journey.  Thank you for sharing with everyone, as it must’ve taken tremendous courage to do so.  I’m looking forward to reading the second part.”
Sandy B., Irvine, CA


“My 9-year old grand-daughter saw a copy of your book when she was visiting and asked if she could read it.  I told her, “Yes.” and I was surprised that I could not get her nose out of it.  She read Part I and had some very good questions so I know she was really interested.  Just wanted you to know.”
Colleen Layne, Irvine, CA


“Congratulations Maria!  What a wonderful book!  I could not put it down, left my sink full of dishes (which I’ve never done) and read until 1 AM. What a beautiful story of true love and perseverance.”
Carmen Turkett, Seneca Falls, NY


“A timeless story. The author touched my heart. You will relate either personally or will know someone that will benefit from this wonderful story.”
Sharon McCoy, Barnes & noble.com


“In a deeply moving and honest memoir, Maria Martinez allows the reader to share in her joys and sorrows as God moves in her life leading her to a most unexpected resolution. The grace of God abounds in this true story of a little girl who grows up emerged in a sorrow and pain for which she held no responsibility, but shouldered the deep consequences of until God steps in to make things right in His own time and in His own way. It is a wonderful reminder that God’s precious love is truly the panacea for all our ills; even those for which we are not directly responsible. This book is a quick read that leaves a lasting impression.”
Ken Feliciano, Amazon.com


“Really amazing book that touched my heart. It was so well written and kept my interest from beginning to end. I highly recommend this book to anyone struggling with acceptance by their parents and by God, especially for any young women who did not have a father figure growing up.”
reubenandesthersmommy, Amazon.com


“Think for a life story, it was a good book! She made me happy that she connected to the father.”
Ronald R. Boring, Amazon.com


“Hi Maria,
I came home and started reading the first page while eating lunch, then couldn’t put it down until I finished.

What an amazing story!

Knowing you as a warm, loving, self-confident, giving and highly successful woman it always comes as a surprise to see the journey you have walked to make you who you are today.

I have heard your testimony before but reading your words brought out powerful emotions. I was crying and wanted to hug little Maria and take her home to show her unconditional mother love. I wanted to take away her pain or at least bear the burden with her. I was amazed at your strength, even as a small child, to not only make it through such difficult days, but to do so with strength of character that most adults don’t possess.

This truly is a story that demonstrates the faithful love of our Heavenly Father.”

Marci Ford,


“I finished reading your book …almost in one reading yesterday. Couldn’t put it down. How transparent you are in the book and how wonderfully well you pointed readers to our Savior, so gently, yet persuasively! Thank you for writing it all down. What a struggle you have had, and I’m sure many, many people can identify with many of your feelings.
May God continue to bless you and use your story to touch thousands of lives!”
Dorene and Clarence, Roseville, CA


“I so enjoyed your book Maria. I just couldn’t put it down.”
Lisa Simon - who I met waist high in the Gulf of Mexico waters, and who I believe is the first person to order my book, Orlando, Florida


“Hello Maria,
Just finished your book”The Apple Tree Wish”. Your heartwarming real life story has touched my life forever.The story demonstrates your power and strength to prove your life has purpose.You can’t read the book without the feeling of wanting to hold you to insure you,that you are truly a gift from GOD. Thank you for sharing your beautiful story.”
Kathleen, an adopted parent.


“I thought your book was great. It was honest and transparent. What came to mind was the scripture in 1 John 3:1; “How great is the love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called the children of God. And that is what we are!” The love of our Abba for His Maria was all over your book. That He would satisfy our groanings and give us the desires of our hearts! What an awesome God we have.”
Pat Melendrez, Irvine, CA


“I was estranged from my biological father at age 2 and was adopted at the age of 7. The yearnings that were so honestly and beautifully articulated in this book seemed to meet a deep need in my own heart as I turned each page. Instead of indulging in bitterness and resentment the author clearly allowed our sovereign God to rein over her circumstances. That surrender ultimately paved the way for tenderness and love to abound in both daughter and daddy. A balance of tenacity and surrender made this a powerful book.”
Donna Watson, Irvine, CA


“Thanks to you I went to bed late but thought I should read your book….
Finished it in one reading. Thank you for writing this book in such wonderful chronological detail that I could not stop til I finished. Your thoughts, intuition, and final resolve are a blessing to your readers.”
Milly Nordstrom, Irvine, CA


“I read the book out loud to him (husband Duane), starting a little after ten pm. He likes it when I read to him. It took a little over two hours. We were both sooo grieved to see the pain you experienced as a child…how many other children are out there, through no fault of their own, endure such loneliness and rejection.? It’s almost too painful to grasp. We both discussed how gracious God the Father was to reveal Himself to you.
I LOVE the story about what the song How Firm a Foundation meant to you. In fact, I went and found it in my old hymnal… I love verse 3 ‘when through the deep waters I call thee to go, The rivers of sorrow shall not over flow. For I will be with thee they trials to bless, And sanctify to thee thy deepest distress’…. To be honest, it kind of scared me to read those words now…I’m not looking forward to any ‘deep distress’ , but I know it is a distinct possiblity with Duane’s cancer having gone to his liver and lymph. The next chemo is Nov 26.

Duane and I also talked about how absolutely critical fathers are in children’s lives. God built that in to all of us. I thought about how many adopted children feel that deep need to discover who their Mother and Father are, even though they have had loving adoptive parents. I thought about how destructive the loss of fathers in our culture has been to our society today. My friend told me that Jesus and NT writers spoke many more times about God the Father, Abba, than they did about God the Almighty, the Sovereign, Ruler, etc.

It HAD to be God who prompted you to pursue the person who you thought was your father.”

Sue Boozier, Irvine, CA


“Maria, it takes talent to write a great book, but courage to write a story about ourselves, you are an inspirations to all.”
Raiza Perrault, Hollywood, Florida


“This book impressed upon me the depth of God’s loving grace. Having known the author in her adult years, I am amazed at how such a positive person can come out of such a negative upbringing. It is a clear demonstration of God’s redemption at work. It just proves how valuable every person is to God and how the loving touch of the Heavenly Father can imprint His character upon a person’s life forever. Happy endings do happen, only because of Jesus!”
Vince Arnaldo,


“I was not an illegitimate child but I felt like an outcast, like I did not belong in my family. I saw how you let God be in control in all those times in your life. I know I can learn from your experiences to let God lead me in my life.”
Rose De Ciccio, Barnes & noble.com