Recently I found a website that deals with daddyless daughters ( and I have had the privilege of talking with its founder, Angela Carr Patterson. Here’s the email she sent me after reading The Apple Tree Wish:

“After being gone from home for seven days, getting unpacked, returning phone calls from family, catching up on reading mail, and resting some, I finally got around to reading your book tonight. I couldn’t put it down. Oh my God! What an amazing and heartfelt story of love. I never saw the ending coming, but it was a delightful one.

It was written with such love and authenticity. You could feel God’s handprint all over this story. I want to salute you for sharing such radical truth with us. I really see this being a Lifetime movie. You really should see about getting this book turned into a movie script and pitch the idea. Coming from the entertainment background, my mind immediately went there.

It’s worth the effort.” Angela Carr Patterson332-204x300