January came and gone and I did not make any resolutions. A humorous thought came to my mind. “Does God use mafia tactics?” I imagined Him saying, “Maria, sit at that computer and promote My book or I’ll break your kneecap!” I did break my left kneecap on January 12th. Ha Ha! God certainly allowed it to happen and it is a very good break – stable and vertical and only mild discomfort. So I have been busy promoting the book.

I never thought anything about how I was going to promote the book while I was getting the manuscript ready to submit to the publisher. And I knew NOTHING about it or the publishing industry.

I have since learned how intensely competitive it is to promote a book. And I am learning a lot about the publishing industry as a whole. Most authors hire an agent or a publicist to capture attention for their works. Publicists are expensive. A six-week campaign can cost anywhere from $6,000 to $12,000 for basic types of promotion. Obviously, I don’t have that kind of money but everything my marketing rep tells me about the benefits of having a publicist and a campaign makes a lot of sense and I am sure that may be a route for a successful book. So the temptation is to go there because of my passion to have the message out where lots of people can read the book and be blessed.

But then God asked me the question, “If you spend a lot of money and hire a professional publicist, who will get the glory?” The publicist will, of course. So I think God is telling me that if He uses my efforts and works through the people who have read the book and recommend it, the glory will belong to Him. And I have to acknowledge that it is His story and He will direct the events. I just need to do everything in my power that I know to do and allow Him to do His part. That does not mean that I will not seek professional counsel. It just means that I need to trust Him to multiple my efforts. Word-of-mouth is by far the greatest advertising (apart from an interview on national television).

So, I have been taking it a step at a time. Once I start in a direction, the Lord then begins to guide me. It is such an interesting adventure to see how things open up and become clear, brick upon brick.

I am inviting my readers to become part of my word-of-mouth campaign and see what God can do.