“I would like to personally let you know how much of what you shared in your book about not knowing your father has really helped me.  My mother must have gone through the same issues of  loneliness, rejection, abandonment, guilt and low self-esteem described in the book.  She never knew her biological father.  She was given away as a baby.  Her adoptive mom forbade her from getting in touch with her biological mom or father.  When she was 16 years old she struck out on her own, met and married met my father in her 20’s.

“She has never really shared with me the pain she must have gone through.  However, I now realize that not knowing her father still affects her.  Your book has opened my eyes and helped me understand more of what she must have felt and her longing to know her biological father and gain a sense of belonging.

She accepted Jesus Christ as her Savior last year.  She lives in Singapore.  I heard God speaking to me through your book and I can’t wait to share it with my mom.  I believe it will help her know her Heavenly Father’s boundless love for her.”

Lynn K., Irvine, CA

Author’s note: Always happy to receive comments from recent readers of The Apple Tree Wish.  The book has elicited such a variety of comments from readers because it touches so many heart issues dealing with growing up without knowing one’s father.  Often the book, once read,  is passed on to others because the reader knows it will help others as it has helped the reader.  Lynn purchased a total of 3 books and is sending one to her mother in Singapore.  She also wants her brothers to read the book.