I just finished your book, The Apple Tree Wish. What an amazing story you have shared with me and others. I was moved to tears when you went on your women’s retreat.   I could feel all your emotions.  It ‘s amazing how God fills our hearts with love. I am so touched and moved by your story.

My take away from your book is how inspired I am by God’s work. I know He loves us. I know He’s with us. I know nothing is too big for Him to accomplish. I know He never wastes a hurt. I see how all these statements are validated in your life. It’s inspiring to read how God wove all your hurt earlier in your life and made you in to who you are today. He never let the hurt break you.  We go through different seasons in our life but God is always present. I love knowing and seeing that.

On a side note, what an amazing man you are married to. Thank you for sharing your heart in The Apple Tree Wish.

Nancy K., Irvine, CA