After my book, “The Apple Tree Wish”, was published I thought making a video trailer for it was like reaching for the moon.  Not only did the expense deter me, but I was not brought up in the digital age and the complexity of the technology for its production was “the moon” to me.

How does one crystalize the message of a book that covers years of one’s life and get the message across to an audience in two minutes or less?  Enter Cheryl Wicker, of Premier1 Studios.  Having read the book herself, she was able to create an easy flowing script.  Next was the visual aspect.  Patrick Rea of Blue Sky Media put his talents to work to create a set right here in my home, taking hours to make sure the lightning and background were just right.  Being on camera for the first time was definitely awkward and seeing the footage afterwards was like an “out of body” experience.  It took a second shoot to put me at ease and get the final version ready for editing.

Adding the voice narration, musical score, clips of photographs and other graphics took a team of experienced people under Cheryl’s direction.  And I am so thankful to each one for their part.  The final product amazed me because it capsulized “The Apple Tree Wish” and entices the audience to want to know more about how I found my father.

It is my hope that those viewing this trailer will check out my website at www.theappletreewish, read the testimonials/blogs and then download the ebook.  After reading the full story, most likely they will personally identify with one or two chapters as they read the struggles and issues that I faced and how God helped me work through them.