After the manuscript was typed into a word document from the copy of the original journal and from the audio of the story,  my Crossbooks representative told me that titles are not copywrited, but everything else in the manuscript would be.  I was instructed to choose a title that was unique and not like another author’s title so there would be no confusion to people who wanted to order it on the internet.

My story was now ready for submission.  I struggled with not knowing what to title the book.  I wrote down about 25 suggestions that I got from others who read the draft.  My husband and I discussed it many times.  Then, one afternoon just as I was coming awake from a nap, I actually saw the cover and the title, one that was not on my list.  I went directly into my office and told my husband, “I know what the title is and I know what the cover looks like.”  I thank God for choosing the title and letting me see the book’s cover before it actually was published.  And Crossbooks came so close to reproducing this “vision”.