There are times in one’s life when things happen that are just not explained as random coincidences, times when you know God was definitely interacting in your events or circumstances or thoughts.  Those times are referred to as Godwinks.

Here’s an example.  In speaking with Brian Fox of CrossBooks on June 16, 2012, he suggested that I find some retired teacher that could proofread my manuscript before I send it to Crossbooks.  A short time later, while in the pool as a physical therapy patient, I was telling another patient that I was finishing a manuscript for publication and needed to get it proofread.  “I would be happy to proofread it for you,” said the patient, Pam Dyer.  “I taught English composition for 42 years before I retired.”  Now what are the chances that I would find a retired english composition teacher in the pool just when I needed one.

Pam, almost a complete stranger, was the first person to read my story, rather than hear it from the cassette/cd like the others in the past.  I was wondering what she would think as she read it because she did not know me and I did not know her or if she had any spiritual interest.  But I thought, “Okay, Lord, I will send it to her.”  I emailed it to her and the next week at our pool therapy session, she said, “Maria, I know I should have been proofreading it, but I got involved in your story, especially those letters to your father.  They brought tears to my eyes.  You really inducted me.”  I really felt God winked at me by her comments to let me know I was on the path with Him and also by letting me meet her at just the right time.