Since Part II of the Journal contains intimate letters dealing with various issues, it always blesses me to see how different chapters of The Apple Tree Wish touch different people in different ways. 

Here’s what one reader writes:

This book holds your interest to the end. Full of wisdom from the heart, it is flavored with just the right taste of Scripture. It gives hope to those who may have suffered emotional trauma in their lives, but it also provides life lessons to those with ears to hear. For me, a single parent for many years, it gave me some insight into the needs and love that a daughter requires from her father. Additionally, the chapter “An Inner Controversy” encourages us to follow the heart instead of the mind. With the right guidance from above, the heart often times is the correct choice. We just need the courage to step out and follow it. It’s an easy read, well worth your time. God bless. 

By Craig McElheny on November 8, 2014