Book Trailer

“The Apple Tree Wish” book trailer

“The Apple Tree Wish” book trailer shares the unique adoption story of  Maria Martinez, an author, speaker and advocate for fatherless children who knows firsthand the feelings of rejection and low self-worth felt by the fatherless. Her personal healing came when she realized she had a heavenly father who would never leave her. But that was not the end of her story–through a request made by her dying mother, Maria began an emotionally riveting adventure that ended with the granting of her “apple tree wish.”

In this documentary style video, created by award winning film producer Cheryl Ariaz Wicker and edited by award-winning editor Kenneth Sutton, Maria talks candidly about her childhood. Video clips from Maria’s home in Orange County, California were captured by Emmy nominated documentary filmmaker Patrick Rea with original music by Sean O’Bryan Smith, an internationally acclaimed film composer and recording artist.

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