The Apple Tree Wish | Made by a Fatherless Child


There are times in one’s life when things happen that are just not explained as random coincidences, times when you know God was definitely interacting in your events or circumstances or thoughts.  Those times are referred to as Godwinks.

Here’s an example.  In speaking with Brian Fox of CrossBooks on […]

How I got the title and cover design

After the manuscript was typed into a word document from the copy of the original journal and from the audio of the story,  my Crossbooks representative told me that titles are not copywrited, but everything else in the manuscript would be.  I was instructed to choose a title that […]

How I came to write the Journal

Dorene Walth, my pastor’s wife, lived around the corner from us and we were close friends.  She knew of the events leading up to meeting my father and she encouraged me to write a journal.  She said that the first year with my father would be very important and […]


January came and gone and I did not make any resolutions. A humorous thought came to my mind. “Does God use mafia tactics?” I imagined Him saying, “Maria, sit at that computer and promote My book or I’ll break your kneecap!” I did break my left kneecap on January […]

About The Apple Tree Wish

Over the past 25 years as my friends, family and others have read the copy of the original journal and heard the cassette story, I have been asked for more details. From time to time I will be posting information about The Apple Tree Wish.



After my book, “The Apple Tree Wish”, was published I thought making a video trailer for it was like reaching for the moon.  Not only did the expense deter me, but I was not brought up in the digital age and the complexity of the technology for its production […]