About the Book

This 179-page, beautifully-written memoirs of Maria Martinez, which she has titled: “The Apple Tree Wish” talks about her early youth while living with her mother, stepfather, and siblings as an illegitimate child. She describes the pain she suffered for being an unwanted child and her long years of longing for the love and attention of her real father.

Maria was the reason for the frequent fights between her mother and stepfather. Her stepfather often reproached her mother about having to raise a child that was not his. Her mother repeatedly nagged Maria that she was the biggest mistake she had made in life. At age 5, her stepfather brought her to her father’s house in an attempt to hand her over but her father threatened them with a gun. Pain and loneliness tortured her throughout her childhood. From 1st to 5th grade, she ran away from the tension at home by climbing to the highest branch of the apple tree at the corner of their street to hide there. For long hours on many days she sought solace from grief and pain atop the apple tree.

Maria carried the shame and embarrassment of being an illegitimate child but she never lost hope in God. Instead of succumbing to the shame, she persevered beyond it to become self-sufficient and successful. When she was 8, she was devising ways to earn money. From collecting soda bottles for deposit at age 8 to working multiple part-time jobs at age 15, Maria showed her determination and overcoming spirit. She found success in business and even in her 70’s she still works alongside her husband in real estate.

In this inspiring unique story, Maria also narrates the events leading up to meeting her father in 1985, when she was forty-five years old. When a shocking discovery about the identity of her father is revealed, Maria’s faith in her heavenly father is what keeps her grounded. A special relationship ensues which depicts a beautiful picture of a believer’s adoption into the family of God.

This motivational book emphasizes the importance of a father in the life of every child. The triumph of faith over emotional scars suffered while growing up as a fatherless child is also depicted. Her story delivers the message that God’s love has the power to heal all types of childhood hurts. God grants divine healing to those who ask for it with faith and hopefulness. Whether the issue stems from illegitimacy, emotional neglect, adoption, step-family situations or others, Maria challenges her audiences to see that nothing is impossible with God and that only His love has the power to heal the most brokenhearted. “The Apple Tree Wish” offers hope and the promise of wholeness to all who reach out in faith and put their trust in the Lord.†