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The Apple Tree Wish” captures the emotional and spiritual pain of growing up fatherless and reveals God’s amazing love at work to heal childhood wounds in the face of adversity and rejection. When Maria Martinez began to carry the shame and embarrassment of her ‘family secret’, she made a vow to never count on anyone but to find her way in life and make it on her own. Learn More About the Book

God is the Father to the fatherless.

In a culture riddled with fatherlessness and family brokenness, Maria emphasizes the importance of fathers in children’s lives and the scars created resulting from their absence whether through illegitimacy, emotional neglect, adoption, step-family situations and many others. She challenges her audiences to see nothing is impossible with God and that only His love has the power to heal the greatest broken heart. “The Apple Tree Wish” offers hope and the promise of wholeness to all who reach out in faith and put their trust in the Lord.Learn More About the Book

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  • 3:31 pm

I was captivated by your story. You wrote with such detail that I felt I was on this journey with you. You didn’t leave […]


  • 10:47 pm

Dear Maria,

I couldn’t remember the last time I read a book, but I finished The Apple Tree Wish cover to cover within 24 hours.  

It’s the first […]

What They Say

I have so many emotions swimming in my heart since finishing your book. I loved your ‘pictures’ to explain your emotions—revolving door, bullfrogs, etc. I felt your feelings. I believe any reader would. I was impressed by your light, joyful heart, free of bitterness or rancor. As an adopted child, your story confirmed in my heart what God has told me long ago—that the biological people are not as important as the relationship. Beautifully done.
Barbara Smith, Registered Nurse, Folsom, California
Your story … was not the story I imagined. … I learned that my earthly view of ‘happy’ ending (finding your biological father and thus a happy ending) is so different from God’s. It showed me that God’s version of family is based on Agape love.
Shinobu Gunadi, Veterinary Technician, Irvine, California
Your story really touched me … [and] made me cry. I identified with you in the apple tree. As a child separated from my family and feeling discouraged, I would talk to the moon and spill my own heartache. It also made me smile to see a picture of God’s amazing compassion for us, His adopted children.
Vivian Ferido, Church Admin Assistant, Irvine, California
As a grief share counselor for many years, I was moved by your gripping and courageous account. Reading it made me appreciate my own loving fatherdaughter relationship. I commend you for having the perseverance to let God work in your unusual situation. The emotions you expressed will undoubtedly resonate with people of all ages who have suffered painful losses through the death of loved ones or other childhood hurts. Your story will help them come to grips with their past circumstances and help them deal with their pain in an honest and biblical manner.
Verdie Agee-Gilman, Grief Share Facilitator, Irvine, California


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